Yamaha Pakistan Increased Bike Pirces From 01-01-2020

Yamaha Bikes Pricelist

Yamaha Pakistan are prepare new year gift for there customer by increasing the price of there bikes from 01-Jan-2020. Increase is in there all bikes that are currently available in Pakistan. Currently they are selling three articles in Pakistan Market and they increased price of all three product from the 1st January 2020. Notification was issued two weeks ago but price will increased from 1st January. Last time Yamaha increased the price of there products on 1st November 2019 with the tag that price of dollar increased in Pakistan as they used this tag many time. Now again they used same tag. Here we discuss those products which are available in market with new price tag.

Yamaha YB125Z

1- Yamaha YB125Z (Red/Blue/Black):

    Yamaha increased the price of Yamaha YB125Z. As you all know that they launched new model of YB125Z last month with new arrow dynamic graphics and with new gear shifting pattern. Last price of Yamaha YB125Z was PKR 136'500/- now adding 2500 PKR in there last price and revised the price. And new price is now PKR 1'39'000/- only.


2- Yamaha YBR125 (Red/Blue/Black):


    Second product of Yamaha in Pakistan is Yamaha YBR125 which is also known as YBR Esd model. Till now we have not any new model of Yamaha YBR125 but we have new graphic sticker which we get free with the purchase of new Yamaha YBR125 bike. So back to the point last price of YBR125 was PKR 1'53'500/-  which is now increased PKR 2500/- and now new price of this bike is PKR 1'56'000/- from 1st January 2020.


3- Yamaha YB125G (Red/Blue/Black):

    On last we talk about there last product which is Yamaha YBR125G. Yamaha Pakistan last month launched there new graphics of YBR125G with the tag of new 2020 model. So the price of flagship product of Yamaha in Pakistan was PKR 1'60'000/- on 1st November 2019. Which is increased now 3500 PKR/- and the new price is PKR 1'63'500/- 

Yamaha Bikes Price List

Model Old Price (01-11-2019) New Price (01-01-2020)
Yamaha YB125Z (Red/Blue/Black) PKR 1'36'500/ PKR 1'39'000/
Yamaha YBR125 (Red/Blue/Black) PKR 1'53'500/- PKR 1'56'000/
Yamaha YBR125G (Red/Blue/Black) PKR 1'60'000/ PKR 1'63'500/