United Motors Pakistan Cut Down the Price of United bravo By 1 Lac


Always we have news from automobiles about increasing the prices of vehicles in Pakistan. We never got any news of decreasing prices. United Motors (PVT) LTD took a great initiative by decreasing the Bravo hatchback, following the depreciation of the US dollar in the market. The last price of United Bravo was 1.2 Million with is now cut down about 1 lac and the new price of United Bravo is 1.1 Million. The new price will effect from Today.

Three months ago after the resumption of business activities after the COVID-19 lockdown. United Motors Pakistan made a massive change in the price of United Bravo about 2.5 lac. The price is increased from 9'80'000/- PKR to 11'99'000/- PKR. The reason behind this was the massive depreciation of the local currency.

Bravo’s rivals are the Suzuki Alto and Prince Pearl in the budget car segment. The Alto VX is priced at Rs. 1,198,000, and Prince Pearl which is arguably better in terms of looks, features, and build quality, is priced at Rs. 1,150,000. This now makes Bravo the cheapest option in the segment once again, at Rs. 1,099,000.

I think the other BIG 3 in Pakistan Should also think about this step. They always increase the price when Dollar Price increased but they never cut down prices when dollar price decreased.