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top 5 bikes

Pakistan's Auto Mobile Market is very limited. Specially in Bikes. Three major companies which are king of the ring in Pakistan. Atlas Honda is always on the top because of its Honda CD70 and CG125 as well. Suzuki and Yamaha is also in this race. In this article we are going to tell you top 5 125cc bikes which are available in Pakistan Auto Mobile Market. We list down 1 to 5 keeping in mind about Price, Comfort Level, Looks, Performance etc. 

So lets start to list down these 5 bikes.

1- Yamaha YB125Z (PKR-139'000/-) :-

        On the Top of the list we have Yamaha YB125Z. After gap of 4 to 5 years Yamaha coming back to Pakistan with there 4 stroke 125cc bike in 2015. And in 2017 they introduce Yamaha YB125Z due to requirements of Pakistan Auto Mobile market. This is very famous due to its comfort level, its performance, its looks, its fuel economy and its price as compare to other competitors. When yamaha introduce there 125cc sports looking bike in 2015. Then they  got feed back from market to introduce family bike as well so people who use there bikes as family purpose can also enjoy there bike. Yamaha always listen carefully about the public feed back and they introduce Yamaha YB125Z in Pakistani Market with same engine specs and performance but put changes in its shape. This bike produce 10HP. This bike got its Position very quickly because of its comfort level, its performance, and specially due to its price as compare to other competitors so we put it on the top of the table.

Yamaha YB125Z 
(Price = 139'000/- PKR)

2- Yamaha YBR125G:

             On the Second Spot we have second model from yamaha which is Yamaha YBR125G. This bike is currently flagship model by yamaha in Pakistan. YBR is introduce in 2015 and get popularity quickly because of its looks, and comfort. This bike have same engine as YB125Z have which produce 10hp. This is single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled engine. This bike have perfect suspension, good road grip and strong braking power. According to features this bike is perfect in all aspects but its not a family bike that's the only reason it is on 2nd spot.

Yamaha YBR-125-G
(Price = 163'500/- PKR)

3- Honda CB125F:-

          At number 3 spot we have Honda CB125F. As Yamaha introduce there bikes in 2015 with new looks and features and force honda to introduce something new in the market. So in the beginning of 2019 Honda introduce its new model with all the latest features to compete the market. This bike have front dual piston caliper disk brake which is quite good. This bike comes with 5 gear transmission single cylinder OHC engine which produce almost 10.6HP. Self start which is never introduce in 125cc bikes by Honda is the highlighted feature of Honda CB125F. This bike comes in three different colors and two variants. 

Honda CB125F
(Price = 174'500/- PKR)

4- Yamaha YBR125 (Esd):-

              On the 4th spot we have another yamaha model which is Yamaha YBR125. Which is also known as YBR esd model. This bike have same engine specs as YBR-G and YB125Z have. Same engine power, durability, performance, and looks but little different from the front. YBR esd model is simple sports looking bike although YBR-G is little different in front suspension, front fender and front head light as well. This bike is also not a family bike. But its comfort level is also much higher then its competitors.

Yamaha YBR125
(Price = 156'000/- PKR)

5- Honda CG125:-

           Now on the bottom of this list is Honda CG125 which is most selling bike of Atlas Honda but i put it on this last spot because of some reason. This bike a classic looking bike which is almost can say a out dated design. But according to its classic look this is king in Pakistan from last 25 years. Design of this bike is quite similar from last many years. CG125 have OHV engine which is perfect in power, with low maintenance but have to much vibrations. This engine produce approximate 11HP. Dry weight of this bike is just 99Kg. So power to wait ratio of this bike is quite good. This bike also known as power machine. Expect the power and low maintenance this machine have no other special features in it. There is no disk brake, no alloy rims, no self start etc and no comfort level as well. That's the reason i put it on 5th spot.

Honda CG125
(Price = 125'500/- PKR)