Petrol Prices Get up PKR 25 from 26 June 2020


Due to last shortage of petroleum products couple of weeks ago. Govt decided to Raise the prices of the petroleum products from 27 June 2020. OGRA submit the summary or new prices of all petroleum products and govt approved it and implement a new price right from today. In last few months govt decreased the prices by about 40 to 70 PKR. But that price decrease effect from 1st of the month but these increase in price effects from random days.

The summary was submitted for approval. According to that summary petrol price increase Rs, 25.58/litre, High-speed Diesel price increase Rs 21.31, Kerosene Oil price decrease Rs 23.50/litre and light-speed Diesel was likely to decrease Rs 17.84/litre.

The new price of petrol is Rs 100.10 per liter after increasing Rs 25.58/litre from Rs 74.52 per liter.

The price of High-Speed Diesel has also been Increased to Rs 101.46 per liter from Rs 80.15 per liter.

The price of Kerosene Oil is now Rs 59.06 per liter after increasing Rs 23.50 / liter from Rs 35.56 per liter.

The price of Light-Speed Diesel has been increased to Rs 55.98 per liter from Rs 38.14 per liter.


New Prices Of Petroleum Products

Product Old Prices w.e.f (01-06-20) New Prices w.e.f (27-06-20) Difference (+/-)
MS (Petrol) Rs 74.52/litre Rs 100.10 /ltr +25.58
High-Speed Diesel (HSD) RS 80.15/litre Rs 101.46 /ltr +21.31
Kerosene (SKO) Rs 35.56 Rs 59.06 /ltr +23.50
Light Diesel Oil Rs 38.14 Rs 55.98 /ltr +17.84


Here is an approved Summary of New Prices.