Petrol Prices are increase Upto 4 PKR from 1st January 2021


Govt decided to give new year gift to Pakistan Public by increasing prices of petroleum products from 1st of January 2021. Last month the prices of petruleum products were increased by about 3 PKR. Now it's up to 4 PKR

New Prices of Petroleum Products are as follow:

  • Petrol: PKR 106.00 per litre
  • High-Speed Diesel: PKR 110.24 per litre
  • Light-Speed Diesel: PKR 71.81 per litre
  • Kerosene Oil: PKR 73.65 per litre

The price of kerosene oil and light-speed diesel has been decreased by PKR 7 and the price of Petrol and High-Speed Diesel by PKR 5. New Prices is effects from 1st March 2020.

Previous prices were as below.

  • Petrol: PKR 103.69 per litre
  • High-Speed Diesel: PKR 108.43 per litre
  • Light-Speed Diesel: PKR 67.86 per litre
  • Kerosene Oil: PKR 70.29 per litre


New Prices Of Petroleum Products

Product Old Prices w.e.f (01-06-20) New Prices w.e.f (27-06-20) Difference (+/-)
MS (Petrol) Rs 103.69 /litre Rs 106.00 /ltr +2.31
High-Speed Diesel (HSD) RS 108.43 /litre Rs 110.24 /ltr +1.80
Kerosene (SKO) Rs 70.29 /litre Rs 73.65 /ltr +3.36
Light Diesel Oil Rs 67.86 /litre Rs 71.81 /ltr +3.95