Govt Revise the Petroleum Price Upto PKR 11 from June 2020


Under the extreme conditions encompassing the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Pakistan has affirmed a financial and upgrade alleviation bundle of PKR 200 billion.

The summary was submitted for approval a few days ago. According to that summary petrol price decrease Rs 7.06/litre, High-speed Diesel price increased Rs 0.05, Kerosene Oil price decrease Rs 11.88/litre and light-speed Diesel was likely to decrease Rs 9.37/litre.

The new price of petrol is Rs 74.52 per liter after decreasing Rs 7.06/litre from Rs 81.58 per liter.

The price of High-Speed Diesel has also been Increased to Rs 80.15 per liter from Rs 80.10 per liter.

The price of Kerosene Oil has been reduced to Rs 35.56 per liter after decreasing Rs 11.88 / liter from Rs 47.44 per liter.

The price of Light-Speed Diesel has been slashed to Rs 38.14 per liter from Rs 47.51 per liter.


New Prices Of Petroleum Products

Product Old Prices w.e.f (01-05-20) New Prices w.e.f (01-06-20) Difference (+/-)
MS (Petrol) Rs 81.58/litre Rs 74.52/litre -7.06
High-Speed Diesel (HSD) Rs 80.10/litre RS 80.15/litre +0.05
Kerosene (SKO) Rs 47.44/litre Rs 35.56 -11.88
Light Diesel Oil Rs 47.51/litre Rs 38.14 -9.37