Yamaha yet again add a boost to there Bike Prices


Yamaha Pakistan is continuously getting mad day by day. Yamaha Pakistan this year just focusing on prices of there products. Yamaha Pakistan increased the prices up to 24,000 in Parts. At the start of the 2020 year Price of YB125Z was PKR 136,500/, YBR125 was PKR 153,500/ and YBR125G was PKR 160,000/. This year is huge disappointment for yamaha lover in Pakistan. This increase totally unfair for yamaha lovers. Last month they annouce there new product which is Yamaha YB125Z Dx which is another form of YB125Z. Price of that product is also increased.

So here we go to see how much they increase in each model. 

Yamaha YB125Z

1- Yamaha YB125Z (Red/Blue/Black):

    Yamaha Pakistan increased the price of YB125Z in the year 2020 is PKR 20,500/ in parts, They make a change in the prices in January 2020 than in March 2020 and now in July 2020. This time in October 2020 they increased the price 6000 and new price of Yamaha YB125Z is PKR 157'000/-


2- Yamaha YB125Z DX (Red/Black):

    Yamaha Pakistan last month launch an upgraded form of YB125Z with the tag of YB125Z Dx with alloy rims and disk brake. The price which is introduce on the launching was 163'500/- now that price is increased 6000 and new price of that new product is PKR 169'500/-


3- Yamaha YBR125 (Red/Blue/Black):

   Next model of the Yamaha Pakistan Family is YBR125 Esd. Last price of this bike was PKR 169,000/ which is also increased this month about 6000 and new price of the bike is PKR 175,000/




4- Yamaha YB125G (Red/Blue/Black):

    On the last we have there flagship product till now in Pakistan Yamaha YBR125G. The price of Yamaha YBR125G was PKR 160,000/ at the start of the Year 2020. Which is now increase about PKR 24,000/ in parts. Last price of the Yamaha YBR125G was PKR 178,000/ which is take a boost now and new price of this product is PKR 184,000/

Yamaha Bikes Price List

Model Old Price (01-07-2020) New Price (01-10-2020) Increased
Yamaha YB125Z (Red/Blue/Black) PKR 151,000/ PKR 157,000/ 6000
Yamaha YB125Z Dx (Red/Black) PKR 163,500/ PKR 169,500/ 6000
Yamaha YBR125 (Red/Blue/Black) PKR 169,000/ PKR 175,000/ 6000
Yamaha YBR125G (Red/Blue/Black) PKR 178,000/ PKR 184,000/ 6000