Sazgar BAIC Introduce X25, D20 and BJ40 In Pakistan Auto Show 2020


Sazgar BAIC introduce there vehicles in Pakistan's Biggest Auto show which was held in Expo Center Lahore. These car get good attentions from visitors. Although they did not reveal the launching date of these vehicles. Basically they introduce 3 cars in this event. 

BAIC BJ40 (Off Road Car)

BAIC Senova X25 (Compact Cross Over)

BAIC Senova D20 (5 Door Hatch Back)


BAIC BJ40L (Off Road Car):


BJ40 is a off road car which is comes in 2 variant. First variant is comes with 2.0L engine which produce 145 HP and 270 Nm torque. This variant comes with manual transmission. 2nd variant which is BJ40 Plus comes with 2.3 L engine which produce 184 HP and 350 Nm torque. 2.0 L engine variant also comes in dual options. First 2 WD Comfort and 4 WD elite model. And 2.3 L variant comes in 4WD option only. BJ40 comes with euro V standards and it comes both front and back disc brakes as well. If we talk about its tyres its comes with 17 inches alloy rims with 245/65 tyre size.

More key features of this car is as below.

  • It comes with air bags (safety feature)
  • ABS + EB system
  • 3 Point set belts
  • Steering Lock system
  • Anti theft alarm system
  • ISO fixed hooks
BJ40L ( OFF Road Car)

BAIC Senova X25 (Compact Cross Over):

BAIC Senova X25 is a compact cross over which comes with 1.5 L engine which designed according to EURO V standards. According to transmission X25 comes in to variants 5 gears Manual Transmission and 4 gears Automatic transmission. BAIC company presents two variants according to driving modes. Comfort Mode and Sports Mode. X25 also comes with basic safety features and advanced features as well.


BAIC Senova X25

Some of the features of this car is as Follow.

  • ABS and EBD braking system
  • Anti Theft alarm system
  • Child safety lock
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Cruise Control
  • Center locking system
  • Front and back 3 point seat belts
  • ISO fixed hooks

BAIC X25 Carry DRL (Day time running Lights) in front. Another highlighted feature of this car is its comes with front adjustable fog lamps. And on back it carry top mount LED brake lamp. 7 inches LCD display comes with dual (android and IOS connectivity) which can control form steering wheel.

back lights
BAIC X25 Back Lights

BAIC Senova D20 (5 Door Hatch Back):

BAIC Senova D20 a hatch back car which comes with 2 options 1.3 L engine in 5 gears manual transmission and second variant 4 gears automatic and 5 gears manual transmission with 1.5 L engine. D20 follows the EURO V standards. 


Some Highlighted Features of BAIC Senova D20 are as follows.

  • ABS + EBD braking system
  • Cruise Control 
  • ISO FIX Hooks
  • Immobiliser
  • Air Bags
  • Electronic Throttle
  • Fog Lights
BAIC Senova D20 Back Lights 

These are the three cars which are displayed in Pakistan Auto Show 2020. Company not yet disclose the launching date of these Cars. If you want more details of these cars please visit our YouTube Channel.