Honda Car Price Increased

Honda Car Price List

Honda revised the prices of there three models in Pakistan. New Price details are as below.

1- Honda City: 

honda city

Honda City Price List

Variant Old Price  New Price
Honda City 1.3L MT PKR 2,309,000/ PKR 2,329,000/
Honda City 1.3L AT PKR 2,489,000/ PKR 2,509,000/
Honda City 1.5L MT  PKR 2,369,000/ PKR 2,389,000/
Honda City 1.5L AT PKR 2,539,000/ PKR 2,559,000/
Honda City 1.5L Aspire AT PKR 2,699,000/ PKR 2,719,000/
Honda City 1.5L Aspire MT PKR 2,539,000/ PKR 2,559,000/


2- Honda Civic:


Honda CIVIC Price List

Variant Old Price  New Price
Honda Civic Turbo RS PKR 4,399,000/ PKR 4,479,000/
Honda Civic 1.8L VTI SR CVT PKR 3,749,000/ PKR 3,779,000/
Honda Civic 1.8 VTI CVT PKR 3,499,000/ PKR 3,549,000/


3- Honda BRV:

Honda BRV

Honda BRV Price List

Variant  Old Price New Price 
Honda BR-V MT PKR 2,899,000/ PKR 2,999,000/
Honda BR-V CVT PKR 3,099,000/ PKR 3,149,000/
Honda BR-V S CVT PKR 3,249,000/ PKR 3,299,000/